Have a Good Time on Your Dime in El Paso, TX

Take advantage of our happy hour specials

When your friends invite you to Erin's Bar for drinks, you don't always have to say no. We offer a variety of happy hour specials, so you can enjoy a night out without feeling guilty about spending so much money.

And who doesn't want to save a little money? Your friends will thank you for telling them about the local drink specials at our El Paso, TX bar.

Call 915-303-8199 today for details.

Reasons to visit our El Paso, TX bar during happy hour

Visiting Erin's Bar is more fun when you have a special occasion to toast. Take advantage of our local drink specials as you...

1. Celebrate a friend's promotion or job change. (Who says it has to be recent?)
2. Or even throw a laid-back send-off party for a loved one.

You might be surprised just how many happy hour specials Erin's Bar offers. Contact us today to learn more.